Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Day Off From Work......

So I took an extra day off of work today to extend my labor day holiday. I was going to relax and just do some crafting and enjoy the quiet of my house. Yeah, not so much! I lately have been feeling overwhelmed with things going on in my life. My finances had gotten out of control, my dogs are battling fleas which I have never had to deal with. And I can't use any chemical because of my youngest allergies so that mean regular vinegar baths. My middle dog (my special boy) has this thing growing on his eye that I can't have looked at until next pay, the rescue I work with is getting ready for it's biggest fundraiser of the year, and what's worse my best friend's Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Can you say Anxiety? I certainly can! So I decided that first step to getting back control is to reorganize and clean my home office area. It took me 6.5 hours! My back is killing me but I feel more relaxed because I controlled what I could. I have posted pics of my new office area! As I sit here and type I am so proud of a job well done. No more clutter, no more un-organization. Now I can attack the organization of my finances, get the fundraiser under control in an organized manner and can be there for my friend in my best capacity.

I am still worried about my sweet Bean's growth on his eyebrow. But I have taken pictures and forwarded to a friend who is an past bet tech. I have a vet appt for the 17th so I suppose I will just have to keep an eye on him. I am going to put it in God's hands and Trust that all will be okay.

2011 has really been a tough year for my family and allot of people I know. I certainly hope it gets better but I have to remind myself to do the best with what I have.

Wishing you all health and happiness!

PS: Ignore the floor, paint, ceiling...we have been working on repainting and redoing the ceiling and floor for this area and our kitchen for over a year now. We have all the materials just still working on getting it done. Stone floor tiles, Brown walls with Green trim...will be great when it is done! Probably year 2020!

This frame holds a letter that my very dear friend wrote to me for my last birthday that has touched my heart and I wanted to put it somewhere where I would see it everyday!

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  1. i wish my desk looked like that!..nice work Lisa... and I get it... a clean workspace is so much better for the heart and mind...