Monday, February 6, 2012

Scared out of my wits!

Well, I finally after 18 months found a new ob/gyn doctor since my last Dr. cancelled my appointments on me for my annual three times in a row. I found one in the same building as my primary that is down the road from my office. It was a perfect fit! I called they got me scheduled for the next day. How easy was that! I should have known it was too easy!

I go in, talk to the doctor about my health, family history and all that stuff....everything is going fine until....the breast exam. Yup found a lump. Welp since my whole family except my mother has had cancer you know where my head we go. Then he found something on my cervix and also suspect fibroids in my uterus. REALLY? Anything else? Geez.... I just had a mammogram in September that came back negative. And I am only over my annual less than 6 months. Makes me wonder what the hell my old doctor was looking at!

So away I go immediately to get another mammogram and then a sonogram. Now mind you this is all in the same building (which is so convenient) however there is no cell phone service in the building due to the medical equipment. So there I am, all by myself getting ushered all over the place. I was ready to pass out I think! So I get my second mammogram, and again negative. Then they sent me for the sonogram and the tech found it right away. But wait, of course there was another one! TWO lumps. She said they just look like cysts though so no big deal. NO BIG DEAL! There is something in me that is not supposed to be there. Why do techs act like that? I know they want to put your mind at ease but don't be so cavalier about it. I mean really.

Now today I have to go for an internal sonogram to look at my uterus and see what is happening there. Yippy! And the best part is I won't have any answers until the 15th! That's right, I get to sit here, stewing about this for NINE MORE DAYS! Ugh! I think that is the worst part. But just being able to put my thoughts down and get this out has helped me immensely....By blogging this I can get my thoughts out without anyone saying, "there, there, you will be all-right" I know they mean well but I just needed to vent with no interruptions and not worrying about getting the other person upset. So thank you to all out there in the internet have helped me today and for that I am grateful!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


For all you Mamma's out there that love, love, love to bake and make creative cupcakes, boy have I found the book for you! 

Now as you all know I am not a Mamma myself (well to two legged children that is) my kids are four legged and furry...BUT my husband is a sweet freak and I do love to bake. I have lately found that I enjoy baking cupcakes much more than a traditional cake because you can vary your decorating from each cake instead of being a slave to the conformity of one large cake. So if you or someone you know loves to bake cupcakes....this is the book for you!