Monday, September 5, 2011

Hi and Welcome

Hello to all out there in cyberspace. First off let me say thank you for visiting my blog and hope that you enjoy reading about my thoughts and life journeys. I hope I don't come off as crazy! Although I am sure I will.

I created this blog as a way to chronicle my life's journey. I have always kept a journal, ever since I was a little girl. It really helped to write down things that I am dealing with, or feeling that I just don't want to verbalize. One of my pet peeves is people who talk about nothing but themselves and never think to ask and listen to other people. I try hard NOT to be that person.

We all have been through trials and tribulations in life. And they will never stop. I believe it is how you deal with them that makes you become a better, more mentally healthy person.

I was born with a thyroid problem and after two different surgeries ten years apart have finally had the damn thing taken out. The thyroid plays a role in every single organ in your body. Mine had the greatest effect on my brain. I developed at a VERY young age an anxiety disorder. Not just plain old anxiety that people deal with on and off throughout their lives. This is an actual disorder that has plagued me for as long as I can remember. I used to take a lot of prescription medication for it but as I got older I felt I needed to learn independent techniques on how to deal with it without chemicals. I have done so and have never been in more control of anxiety as I am now. I hope that if I have any visitors that are dealing with anxiety that they ask me questions on how to cope. I feel that I have a lot to offer and can help them deal with it. Especially because I have been there, done that! :)

I share my life with my husband who is...ready for this.....27 years my senior! Yup, that is one for the record books! That being said you would never know it from our relationship. I love my husband, we have our share of problems, (mostly $$) but we hardly ever fight or spat. My husband has learned to love me for who I am and vice versa. I don't know what I would do without him.

We choose to never have children. My big reasoning is because I did not want to pass on my disorder to a child and being responsible for another human beings life and development really scared me. So, instead I decided to devote my life to my animals. We currently have Maddie, a border collie rescue. Beans a lab/pit mix rescue, and Ava a pit bull rescue. We also have Max a big old tabby cat rescue, Jada a black outside cat that adopted us, and Myrtle the turtle who we rescued.

As we were rescuing dogs I became active in dog rescue. I tried volunteering for a few of our local rescue groups however they were very political and ego driven. I just could not take it. It seemed allot of the folks were more interested in getting their names out there to receive kudos for their roles as opposed to actually helping the animals. Then I found Educate a Bull, inc. and their founder and president. I am not going to list her name because I am not sure how she would feel about it. Let's call her, my mentor. The first event I volunteered for was a dog wash. I had the time of my life. She not only let me jump right in but she was the most laid back, humble person I have ever met. Since meeting her I have become VP of educate a bull and it truly has become my passion. She is a dog trainer and behaviorist. She also has a pet wellness program and much, much more. I am currently helping her with building her business and our goal, together, it to open a dog center for training, sports, activities, daycare, grooming, a pet shop and so much more! I think we make a wonderful team and she is an  inspiration.

I also work full time as the Operations Director at a small Data-Com company. I run the business. It is family owned by a father and two sons. I have been there for over 13 years and have loved every minute of it. I love the family that owns it and truly care for them as people. Especially the oldest son who I feel very bonded to. He is an amazing person who is one of the smartest men I have ever met. I don't make a lot of money because of the size of the company. In fact I have been offered much, much more at other business's but I have come to realize that money is not everything. I feel at home at my job and that means much more to me than the almighty dollar. I have talked to my husband about this multiple times and he is in 100% agreement.

Well this first post has run a bit long but I enjoyed writing it. Fall has arrived on this here labor day of 2011 and with it I have created my first DIY home decor. Much more to come in the next few it is along with some pics of my house and my fur-children:
My Home - Small but Cozy

How I Love Cattails!

My Sweet Madeline - 11 Years old and still going strong!

My two Bullie Babies! Ava on the Right and Sweet Beans on the left

My Bullies again, this is how they always are, cuddled up together!

My Fat Max - When he got himself locked in hubby's model closet!

Beautiful! On Our Porch.

Small part of the bounty from my hubby's garden

Peace and Happiness to you all!

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